Group Exercise

I’ve been on summer vacation for a few weeks, and it’s wonderful and it’s terrible.  I’ve come to realize that there’s an advantage to having a job where you work regular hours all year long than one where you work a crazy number of hours for nine months and have three months of obligation-free living.  And it is this: As a person, I’m not inclined to leave my house or put on pants if I don’t have to.

Lying around reading my friend Dave’s book all day is fabulous in many, many ways, but I’m starting to feel like a recluse and the fact that that doesn’t bother me, bothers me.  So, I’m forcing the issue a bit and looking for ways to get out and interact with people.  Basically, doin’ stuff.  Since my Yoga instructor has gotten a bit too New Age-y, I decided to try some different workouts.  My first stop was a thing called Fit Fridays sponsored by Austin Fit magazine.

Once I’d decided to try it, things got complicated.  When I go to the gym, I don’t care if I look like crap.  I feel anonymous, so it doesn’t matter that my tops don’t match my shorts, or even that my red (or blue or purple) sports bra is pretty visible under a thin wife beater tank top.  But now, I would be meeting people.  My mother always taught me that you should leave your house looking pulled together because you never know who you’ll run into.  I mostly thumbed my nose at such advice, but in this case, I was starting to realize that my usual gym clothes might not reflect well on me as a person.  They might suggest I was a hot mess who didn’t know or didn’t care that you could see her bra.  (Incidentally, it’s the latter.)  The point is, when I normally go to the gym, I don’t want to talk to anyone or meet people.  For Fit Friday, it was the whole point.  If only I had time to go pick up a few solid colored tank tops!

I rummaged through my drawers like a living, breathing version of the Cathy comic strip except for the fact that Cathy never voluntarily exercised.  I also worried that I wouldn’t have the stamina.  What if I got super red faced and threw up?  What if I had to quit after 20 minutes.  After all, these people write for a fitness magazine, and I like run on a treadmill while watching TV and pretending I’m not really running.  Eric casually mentioned that the heat might be a problem, and I realized that as a gym rat, I just assumed we’d be working in an air conditioned environment.  Why exercise outside?  It’s too hot, plus there’s all that “nature.”

Still, I needed to leave my house.  I needed a social outlet now that my regular work lunches were gone.  I drove to the Austin Fit office and met a guy named Drex, who apologetically admitted they were canceling for the week due to heat and a lot of staff people being out of town.

Thank God!  I drove home satisfied that I’d made an effort and did a quick run on the treadmill.

I’m still dedicated to trying new things, but I was truly worried about the heat, which was closing in on 100 degrees.  I’m going to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Monday.  I just have to figure out what to wear…

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