Um…I Have Slept in Places Other Than my House Before. Right?

At the beginning of the summer, I went home to my parents’ house for a week and forgot to pack deodorant and a hair brush.  I am trying to work the tousled look, so going brush-less was doable, but I had to buy deodorant.  My parents love me unconditionally as a person.  They have not promised to love my funk in the same way.

So, when I went to Cleveland, I packed very carefully.  I made a list and checked it twice, making sure that I was keeping things streamlined but still taking my facial wash and sufficient underwear.

And then I came to Chicago.  Where I thought I’d packed everything simply because I thought about how I should pack certain things.  I arrived and realized I didn’t pack tinted moisturizer or basic makeup supplies, so I asked for directions to a nearby drug store and got a few basics as well as some hair product since I didn’t have any in bottles small enough to meet FAA regulations for carry-on luggage (I didn’t check my bag).  I got back to the hotel and a few hours later realized that I didn’t pack a toothbrush.  So, I went back to the small store in the lobby and picked one up.  Last night, after dinner, I came in exhausted and rooted around in my stuff to get ready for bed and discovered I hadn’t packed saline solution either.  I would have to sleep in my contacts for the night.

When did I become Survivor (Wo)Man, and think that leaving home with a comb, running clothes, and 30 bobby pins would get me through a 4 day stay?  Let me explain: I recently got a travel set of some key things: contact solution, toothpaste, toothbrush, face soap.  These are all things I had two of, and the benefit there is that I could pack a set and still use my regular stuff.  But most of that stuff is regular sized.  It’s not a travel toothbrush, but one from a three pack I bought months ago.  The contact cases are all the same.  So, I got confused and seemed to think I’d packed the things I needed and also decided to do what I used to do when traveling and just throw the stuff I’m using in a bag after I use it the morning I fly out.  But I didn’t do either of those things because I always thought I would do/had done the other.

Let me also say that this happens in the morning before I’ve had coffee because I’m going to buy it at the airport.  This may also have been a factor.

So, today I made my third trip out to buy supplies I should have had in the first place.  It was my second trip to the grocery store down the street, and I can only assume that there will be some reason I’ll have to go tomorrow, too.  I just haven’t discovered it yet.  I also have a running joke with the Spanish teacher who had her hair gel confiscated by airport security as being too big for carry on luggage.  She is understandably upset because (1) it’s kind of ridiculous and (2) one of the few things I did remember to pack was a Gillette sensor razor that I carried onto the plane in my bag as well as an extra tube of hand lotion that wouldn’t fit in my quaart sized plastic bag as per FAA guidelines.

I didn’t know you couldn’t bring a razor, but Angel was shocked that I carried it on, while she had to throw away her gel.  To be fair, she was given the option to get out of line, put some gel in a rubber glove the security guard provided and carry some gel on that way, but she declined for rough a dozen reasons.

One final note: at the conference we are staying at a Marriott hotel, and through some fluke my room happens to be at the exact opposite corner of the universe from everything.  There seems to be a short cut through a pool area that is closed for construction, and so either way I go from my room I must walk exactly 1/2 the perimeter of the entire bottom floor.  I hiked roughly 4.5 miles in roughly three trips from my room to the lobby yesterday.  Everyone else in my group who was assigned to that wing asked to be moved a little closer to…anything.  Today, a fellow conference goer told me about the short cut, which involves going from the first floor (where we’re staying) up to the third floor, cutting across to the other side of the third floor, and taking the elevator to the lobby.  So much for the closest difference between two points being a straight line.

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