The Princess and That Damn Pea

We are in talks to buy a new mattress. It is time.

Somewhere between the time I quit my job a little over a year ago, I started to hate my mattress. Eric has been hating on my mattress ever since we got to that point in our relationship where we “stopped being nice and started getting real.” I pointed out that he was asked to weigh in when I was looking to upgrade my full sized mattress to a queen, and he swore that he had no opinion.

“That was before I knew that you had such terrible taste in mattresses,” he said.

But I loved my bed. It had been locally made and had a thick, soft layer of padding on top of a firm mattress. Only in the last year,the top layer is not fluffy and soft. It’s hard enough that sometimes I can’t find a comfortable position for my arm. It always feels like my arm is going to fall asleep about 15 minutes after I do.

I agreed that we would need to replace the mattress when -after a few nights where neither of us slept well- we decided to split up for a few nights to give each other some personal sleeping space. We started to fight over who “got” to sleep on the couch and who “had” to sleep in the bed. But I still didn’t have a regular job, so while I finally agreed that it was time to shop for a new mattress, it still seemed like a luxury item. When I had gotten a few project checks in, I would feel comfortable spending a couple hundred bucks on a new bed.

Recently, I got a regular gig working as the office manager for a nonprofit, so I have steady money coming in, but as is always my way with major purchases, I was still stalling a little bit on a big splurge. I mean, the old mattress wasn’t great, but it was okay, more or less. I figured I could collect a couple of paychecks first. To be clear, I am not making a choice between a new bed and, like, groceries. I have the money, but I am easily prone to bouts of complacency where I can live with something less than ideal because it is easier than the effort to comparison shop, order, and wait for delivery of a new, better thing.

The last two nights, though, I’ve slept terribly. I used to have a lot of stress dreams when I was teaching, but lately, the dreams are just weird and confusing jumbles of ideas and images. But, they are distracting enough that I don’t wake up feeling rested. After 8 hours of sleep and two cups of coffee, I was dragging through my day until I could get home to take a nap.

“This weekend,” I told Eric, “I think we should try to use our Stand Up Paddle Boarding voucher and buy a new mattress.”

He could tell I was serious because I hate to plan things in advance. So, this weekend, the search begins…

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