Sunshine and Snow Days

For all my friends in Cleveland, Boston, Buffalo, Louisville, this is what a snow day looks like in Texas:

DSC_0002And I’m not bragging because I KNOW, okay?  But the forecast was predicting rain all night and temperatures in the 20s, so theoretically Austin was going to be covered in ice, which happens so rarely that no one who is from the South has really learned how to manage the roads.  It is legitimately dangerous (and despite the fact that the sun is out–cold), even if biggest threats come largely from ourselves.

The other day I was going to work and people were driving like assholes just because it was cold.  We don’t know how to drive when it gets below freezing even if the roads are dry.  We don’t trust it.

So, I had a snow day, but the sunshine really threw me.  By mid afternoon, the temps had gotten up to 44, and I thought it might be a good idea to run outside.  I drove to a nearby park and ran roughly 200 feet (feet!) and headed back to my car.  I went home and changed for the gym.

For two weeks, the sky has been flat and gray, and has, frankly, looked like it should for a snow day.  The fact that we saw the sun for the first time in days and days was on the one day we could stay home and enjoy being cozy and warm was frustrating.  It’s hard to feel good about staying in bed drinking coffee and watching movies and reading all day when it looks so beautiful outside.

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