West Texas is Crazy Beautiful

Look, I wish there was a more clever or unique way to say it, but basically West Texas…holy shit.

Eric finished a massive job that he’d been working on, and in education, Spring Break is a good time to get out of town because very little will happen that week.  So, Eric and I planned a vacation.  I am not a planner by nature, and Eric is a skeptic, so he never believed we would actually take a trip together.  Perhaps just to spite him, I made it happen.

Spring Break, it turns out, is a terrible time to head to West Texas since everyone who isn’t coming to Austin seems to be heading out to Big Bend National Park.  By sheer dumb luck (and a healthy amount of procrastination), I waited so long to book our trip, that we actually arrived in West Texas in the middle of Spring Break and made it to Big Bend as most people were leaving meaning that we avoided the crowds for the most part.  Dragging my feet really worked out for me in this instance.

I am going to write several posts about our trip, but it seems fair to start with the sheer, amazing, rugged beauty of west Texas.  On the drive from Alpine to Terlingua, where we stayed during our time in Big Bend, we pulled over several times to get out of the car, take pictures, and just gape at the big Texas sky.  Every single place we stood, it felt like we were staring at a postcard.  Turn slightly to the right or left, and we were nudging each other to look at some other incredible vista.

In fact, Eric walked several feet from the highway to pee, and he returned only to tell me I had to come see something.

“Oh, I thought you were peeing,” I laughed.

“I did, but the view over here is incredible.”

I thought this was a weird trick to just make me look at a puddle of piss, but I followed and I had to agree that, indeed, the scenery was incredible.  There was a steep bank and standing on the edge of it, the land dropped away, opened up, and kept going for miles.

During the four days we spent in the desert, we just kept taking photos of everything around us, and there were dozens of times when I decided to just put my phone down and take it all in because photos can convey the beauty to some extent, but they can’t capture the vastness of it.

West Texas…holy shit.

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