Introducing The BS Reading Project

I read 63 books last year, which was probably too many. My goal last year, and for several years has been to create stuff, but instead I have primarily consumed. Consuming things is much easier than producing them, and my media diet included some really respectable and thoughtful books and a lot of stuff that was not so much those things. I decided to create a challenge for myself to both slow down my consumption and give myself a built in framework for creating things.

Since I recently moved to Atlanta, Georgia, I wanted to focus on a project that would help me reflect on my new city as well as a lifetime of living in the South. To date, I have lived in Arkansas, Florida, Texas, and now Georgia. There is a local online magazine with a title and mission statement that I really like: The Bitter Southerner. The title alone told me the publication was for me–a lifelong Southerner, who considers it home and also never quite feels like I belong there. As it happens, the Bitter Southerner is based out of Atlanta–my new hometown–and they are also avid readers. They published The Bitter Southerner’s Summer Reading Roundup, and that is the framework for what I am calling the BS Reading Project.

My goal is to post weekly about the books on the list as I read through them. I may also wander slightly off the list as there are some books on their list of books from the previous year as well as ones that were listed as “coming soon” at the time the list was published that were already on my reading list, so they have been added to the metaphorical pile. Depending on how the projects go, I may also branch out to include some things that aren’t on the list, but that might help me learn about Atlanta or Georgia. After a lifetime of moving every few years, I somehow spent eight years in Austin, Texas, so I am having to re-learn how to be in a new place.

That is the project. So check back to see how the Project is progressing and feel free to recommend books. I am always looking for the next great read.

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